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Fair Parade Flamingos
Professional Flamino Riders
Candy Corn Mosaic
St. Barbara's Polish Festival
Rudolph Wearable
Beer Mug and Pretzel
American Flag
Ralph the Wonder Llama
Sugar Skull
Graduation Party in Lower Burrell
Jackson Township Heritage Festival
Rose Gold Candy Cups and Bouquet
Birthday Arch
Asylum Ring Entrance 2022 3
Asylum Ring Entrance July 2022
Baby Shower Candy Cup Toppers
Happy Birthday Beagle Column
Baby Candy Cup
Gummy Bear
13 Foot Hungry Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party
Valentine's Day Arch
Valentine's Day Candy Cups
Happy 50th Birthday Yard Sign
Get Well Flower Bouquet
Birthday Party
6 Feet Luau Pineapple
Enchantment Under The Sea Decorations
Wearbale Sugar Skull
Young Padawans in Jedi Training

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Thanks to Rebecca and her crew for a great interview
and great time! Can’t wait to do it again!!

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August 20 - Private Event

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flamingos CCFP 5.jpg

Flamingos in Osceola Parade and Clearfield County Fair Parade!

We just celebrated the arrival of our 3rd grandson and his “big” brothers promotion!! What a delightful surprise we received from Balloon Doc and Full of Hot Air!! Great customizing, just what we were hoping for! Big brother loved his twists and the amazing column! The Candy cups and bouquet for Mom and Dad were a great addition! Highly recommend FoHA for your next event!!

The Washburns from Boalsburg

Thank you for being awesome and for sharing your talents and helping us at our fundraiser. We appreciate you very much. You made our day so much better"

Rhonda Natalie and Caroline Wissinger, American Liver Foundation

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Balloon Twisting





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Stained Glass

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Stained Glass


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