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Stained Glass Classes

We offer stained glass classes. We can come to you as well, for up to 5 or 6 people.

  • Beveled glass classes require no cutting. You will learn how to grind, foil, solder, strengthen, clean, patina, and polish your masterpiece.

  • Traditional stained glass classes require cutting. You will learn how to cut glass pieces from patterns (safely), then grind, fit, foil, solder, strengthen, clean, patina, and polish your masterpiece.

  • Minimum age for stained glass classes is 16, with parent.

  • We cover all safety procedures, and you will get a great background in the beautiful world of stained glass.

  • Contact us, and we'll get some glass fun going!

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Bevel and Beginner Classes

Bevel and Beginner Classes are a great introduction to the world of stained glass. Learn about the history of stained glass, as well as types of stained glass. You will also learn all safety procedures, but, most importantly, you will go home with a glass creation. Made entirely by you!

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Advanced Classes

People with stained glass experience may want to try more advanced patterns, requiring advanced cutting, fitting, foiling, and soldering techniques.

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Mosaic Classes

You can mosaic just about anything. Except maybe the cat or your family members. House numbers, family names, planters. You name it, we can help you mosaic it. And grout it. And seal it. Or, get your Sugar Skull on for fun.

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